Student Poetry: Don’t Go Don’t Stay


Don’t Go Don’t Stay

by Arianne Destaebler, Grade 9

Do you ever ask yourself why you look the way you do?

Maybe I do…but I appreciate what I have been through.

It was hard but it’s made me stronger, 

                 and for that I am happy.

Don’t hide your face because you don’t look like her,

                  don’t hide your body because you’re afraid of showing it.

It’s not the outside. It’s the inside that’s truly the best

                  and most beautiful part.

We all carry scars inside and out.

Just because you can’t see the pain doesn’t mean it’s not written

                   clearly all over a body.

Just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean you can’t feel.

We all come out with something and we all leave

                  with lasting impressions we made.

Remember that I’ll say it, 

                 I carry my own scars but I like to call them my stripes

                             because I once just maybe felt like a tiger in a cage.

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