Student Life

Bayhill may be a small high school, but our students have a full high school experience. Clubs, athletics, trips, and activities provide students with opportunities to build life long friendships and memories.

Class Trips

Freshman – To establish comraderie and build group dynamics, Freshman experience a day long ropes building program. 9th graders complete team building exercises and take risks amongst the tree tops of Strawberry Canyon.

Sophomore – One of the best aspects of being a sophomore, is the Sophomore Camping Trip. 10th graders spend 3 days camping at Samuel P. Taylor Park – hiking, kayaking, and exploring nature. Students work together to build a campsite and cook daily meals, demonstrating team work and responsibility. They return dirty, tired and with smiles on their faces.

Junior – Juniors wrap up their 11th grade year with a day at Chabot Park – a relaxing day of kayaking, hiking, and chatting with classmates and teachers.

Senior РAfter 4 years of hard work, Seniors kick back at a beach House in Bolinas for 3 days. Leisurely walks, bonfires on the beach and evenings in the hot tub Рan amazing way to connect with friends before embarking on the next chapter of life.

Find out more about these trips and more on our Class Trips page.

Dances & Prom

Halloween Dance – A favorite every year thanks to Mrs. Satini’s creative genius and the hard work of student council. The Halloween Dance transforms our gym into another world of pirates, scary landscapes and ghostly delights!

Winter Dance – While it may not happen every year, when it does, the Winter Dance invites all students to dress up for a night of dancing in a winter wonderland.

Prom – Juniors and Seniors, along with their dates, put on their best formal duds for a scrumptious sit-down dinner and a night of dancing. Past Proms have been held on Hornblower cruise boats in the bay and event rooms at local venues.


Learn all about our Clubs on our Clubs Page.


Bayhill is part of a Bay Area small school leagues which features team handball, basketball, volleyball and cross country. Learn more on our Athletics Page.