The Bayhill Difference

Individualized Curriculum

Bayhill individualizes our rich high school curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners. Whether a students has dyslexia, ADHD or another learning disability, we understand how each student learns best.

Embedded Accommodations

At Bayhill, students naturally receive more time to complete assignments, tests, and projects. Students can take tests in a quiet space or with a reader. Lessons are taught using auditory, visual, and hands-on modalities. We also help students discover which accommodations they need and encourage the development of self-advocacy skills.

Assistive Technology

All Bayhill students use their computer and Google Apps to complete, organize and submit most of their assignments. We provide our students with access to Bookshare and other digital/audio text formats. Our 21st Century Learning class teaches students how to leverage technology in academics. Students learn useful computer skills and tools that not only help them in high school, but also prepare them for college and the workplace.

Effective Remediation

For students who require it, we use effective research-based remedial interventions to improve reading, writing and math. Our reading teacher uses an Orton-Gillingham based approach to develop decoding and vocabulary. Other methods are used to develop rapid naming, fluency, word recognition, and spelling.

Bayhill’s Foundational Math class uses strategies to develop a strong foundation for students with dyscalulia and other difficulties with math concepts and facts.

We also have specialist in the area of speech & language and educational therapy to work with students with more persistent difficulties.

Supportive Teachers

For students who have struggled in the past, it’s a relief when they finally feel that someone has their back. Our teachers build trusting relationships with their students based on mutual respect. Bayhill is a community of students and staff who work together to create a positive school culture. We stay connected with our students long passed graduation.

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