The mission of Bayhill High School is to educate students with learning differences, focusing on their individual learning needs, with the goal of maximizing their inherent abilities and their potential to succeed.

At Bayhill We Aim To Develop:

Successful life-long learners who:

  • Develop strategies to maximize their academic skills
  • Apply organizational strategies
  • Utilize their skills critically and for problem solving
  • Use their skills to express themselves verbally, artistically, in writing, and with technology

Effective communicators who:

  • Develop and maintain positive relationships
  • Use language appropriately in social, academic and professional situations
  • Show respect for themselves, others, and the community

Self-aware advocates who:

  • Are able to identify and articulate their learning styles, strengths and needs
  • Use their learning strengths to accommodate their learning challenges

Positive and involved students who:

  • Are actively involved in the learning process and school community
  • Demonstrate resilience by persevering through academic and personal challenges

Adolescents who are ready to transition into adulthood by:

  • Developing career goals
  • Setting appropriate goals and expectations for post-high school life
  • Identifying the connection between personal interests and career possibilities
  • Developing an appropriate post-secondary plan