College Advising

Bayhill students are fortunate to have a supportive college advising program. Our College Advisor Ms. Rebecca Field, M.Ed. specializes in helping students with learning disabilities find the right college for their strengths and learning style. She works closely with our Transition Coordinator Vanessa Brown to prepare students and families for post-secondary transition.

College advising begins with the Junior Transition meeting with the student and family. Ms. Field and Ms. Brown review the student’s academic transcript and eligibility for various colleges. Then based on the students desires, strengths and resources, they will make recommendations of colleges to research and visit during summer of Junior year.

Once senior year begins, college advising increases as students meet with Ms. Field to begin the application process. She will guide students through UC & Cal State applications, the Common App. for private schools, financial aid, essay writing and more. Students are given access to online organizational tools to guide them through the process and Ms. Field is available to meet with students or just answer questions families may have.

Deciding on college can be stressful, especially when you aren’t sure where to start. Bayhill’s robust College & Transition Program ¬†wants our students to be successful and will help them build the skills necessary to prepare for college.

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We also have a several links to resources our students will need when applying to college.

Have questions? Contact Ms. Field – or Ms. Brown –