Board of Trustees

Bayhill High School is operated by a non-profit corporation named Bay Area Educational Institute (“BAEI”). The Board of Trustees of BAEI is responsible for establishing Bayhill’s mission, and keeping Bayhill on the path to fulfill that mission.  Each member of the Board is entrusted to carry out the legal and ethical obligations of being a Trustee – the duties of care (acting responsibly), loyalty (putting the interest of the school ahead of one’s own), and obedience (carrying out the decisions of the Board without interference or personal agendas).

The role of the Bayhill Board of Trustees is strategic, and primarily looks to the future, rather than focusing on the day-to-day operation of the school.  According to the National Association of Independent Schools – an organization that provides services to over 1400 American private schools – the top six strategic issues facing private schools are:

  1. Recruiting, retaining, and competitively compensating high-quality faculty;

  2. Financing the school;

  3. Managing technology;

  4. Developing the 21st-Century curriculum;

  5. Communicating to internal and external audiences; and

  6. Creating more diverse and inclusive communities.

It is the job of Bayhill’s Board to focus on these issues while monitoring, without meddling in, the responsibilities of the Executive Director, faculty, and staff to manage the school day-to-day.  Bayhill’s Trustees should always be available to talk to students and their families about issues that may arise regarding the operation of the school, as it is imperative that the Board keep up with what is important to the entire Bayhill family.  But this communication is for the edification of the Trustees, and not for dispute resolution, which must rest with the Executive Director.

Bayhill’s Board currently has 14 Trustees, including the Executive Director and a faculty representative, and is always looking to add qualified people.  Bayhill looks for Trustees that can bring to the school expertise, community contacts, and a willingness to assist in raising students, raising image, and raising resources.

If you are interested in Board membership, or know of someone who might be, please contact any of the Trustees (listed elsewhere on the website).  Board membership is voluntary, for a two-year term that can be renewed, and every Trustee must also serve on one or more Board Committees (Governance, Fundraising & Development, Finance, Facilities, and Program/Volunteers).

The Board meets monthly, except for July and December, every fourth Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Bayhill, and Board meetings are open to the public.  Service on the Board of Trustees is a privilege and a highly rewarding contribution to the community we serve and to the public at large.  Consider joining us.

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