Teaching Students with Dyslexia

Dyslexics are often left behind.

Reading is like a key to the world. When we read, we learn new vocabulary, the nuances of grammar, and, most importantly, we learn about our world.

From the first day of kindergarten, students are taught to read. It is that early exposure to letters and sounds that students with dyslexia begin to struggle. They struggle to attach sounds to letters and to remember common sight words such as the, what, or even in and on.

As other students advance in reading, students with dyslexia fall behind. In other ways it is apparent that these students are very bright, so their struggle with reading leaves parents and teachers perplexed.

Traditional High Schools fall short when it comes to Dyslexia.

Traditional public and private high schools are the round hole and dyslexic students are the proverbial square peg.

The minds of students with dyslexia think differently, thus they may have gifts in the arts or sciences. Yet they are not given the opportunity to use their different minds in a traditional setting.

Until recently, public schools in California did not recognize dyslexia as a diagnosis. Parents were often told by teachers or principals that “they do not use that term.” In fact, it was only 2015 when a law was passed stating that schools must have evidence-based interventions for students with dyslexia by the 2017-18 school year.

It’s no wonder students with dyslexia have often reached secondary school without learning to read. When the people who are supposed to be experts do not know how to help, parents are desperate to find help for their child. We believe the answer is a special kind of school for students with dyslexia: one that honors the strengths of dyslexic students while providing the tools and remediation for academic success.

Bayhill is a Specialized Private High School for Dyslexic Students

Bayhill is the square hole parents have been looking for. At Bayhill, our teachers are specifically trained to provide research-based interventions and effective strategies for students with dyslexia.

Bayhill Teaching Strategies work for our Dyslexic students.

  • Our highly trained teachers, small class size, and individualized instruction can mean success for students who have struggled in traditional environments.
  • We combine effective instruction and specific strategies and tools to empower our students to achieve to their full potential.

We celebrate neurodiversity.

At Bayhill High School, we don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Instead, we provide the square hole. That is, the right environment, evidence-based instruction and a belief that dyslexia is a gift. To that end, Bayhill offers:

Research-based remediation

Our Read Write Success class is a one- or two-year class that uses an Orton Gillingham-based approach. Focus is put on building the necessary skills to decode & understand academic vocabulary.

  • Students use core curriculum to develop decoding, vocabulary and reading fluency to further classroom success.
  • Class size is small with no more than 5 or 6 students.
  • For students with more persistent struggles, one-to-one educational therapy is offered at an additional cost to our tuition.

Structured systematic writing instruction

Throughout their four years at Bayhill High School, students develop the ability to organize and express ideas in a variety of contexts.

  • With a combination of graphic organizers, assistive technology, and individualized attention, students are able to progress to write longer and more in-depth essays.
  • Students have individual goals particular to their writing needs that allow focused improvement in key areas.

Training in assistive technology

The use of technology begins on day one at Bayhill.

  • To improve access to grade-level text, Bookshare or other audiobooks are used for text-to-speech input.
  • For writing and speech-to-text, students use Google Apps for Education and apps such as Grammarly.
  • All freshmen take our 21st Century Learning Class where they receive direct instruction in leveraging technology tools to demonstrate an understanding of content material.

The Bayhill way works for students with learning differences.

Regardless of their learning difference, Bayhill students embrace how they learn best and become confident self-advocates. Our students focus on their strengths and the gift of dyslexia.

Our specialized approach makes us one of the best high schools for dyslexic students in the Bay Area, which is why Bayhill graduates have found success in high school, college and career.

To learn more about Bayhill High School, join us for an Open House or Tour & Talk. Complete an inquiry form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.