At Bayhill High School students are divided into classes of about 10 students. Bayhill classes include core classes and electives that provide intensive academic support with an emphasis on skill development, self-reliance, self-advocacy, and independence. Overall, the program, regardless of strand, is designed to meet California Content Standards and Framework that lead to a High School Diploma. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to take course that satisfy the a-g requirements (necessary for admittance into the University of California and State University systems). Bayhill students will be able to benefit from two fully developed options:

  1. Basic Academics Strand: A rigorous curriculum that will prepare students who aspire to attend a two to four year college or university to be ready for higher education. Students receive personalized college counseling to reach their goals in higher education.
  2. Support Stand: A more supportive academic program that provides additional instruction in reading, writing, math, organization, and life skills. Our Transition Counselor will work closely with the student to determine and support post-high school choices in vocational certificate programs and job readiness programs.

In order to support all of our students in their post-high school endeavors, Bayhill High School graduates will be offered 15 hours of services the first year after graduation which provides them with assistance in accessing Student Disability programs at community and 4 year colleges, advocacy to meet post high-school goals, assistance in referrals to appropriate programs, and college retention support.