Shadow Day

Have you attended an Open House or met with the Director of Admissions? Then you are ready for the next step – a Shadow Day. Prospective students will attend 3 classes and have an interview and academic screening. Come see what it’s like to be a Bayhill student.

In order for a student to shadow, families need to have attended an Open House or Tour & Talk. Students applying to next year’s freshman class must be in 8th grade. Students should be independent and well-behaved.

Students will attend 3 classes. Please arrive by 8:20 AM and the day is over at 12:35PM. Students should bring paper, pencil/pen (they will be participating in class activities), and a snack. Students should be aware that phones should never be taken out during class time.

*Please be sure you have visited the school for an Open House or Tour & Talk prior to signing up for a Shadow Day. We allow a maximum of two students per day. You will receive a confirmation email within 24-48 hours.

Shadow Day

  • Maximum of 2 students per day. We will confirm your reservation once we receive your request. If the date does not appear, it is full.
    By acknowledging the Shadow Expectations, you understand that in order to shadow at Bayhill, students must be able to behave appropriately in the classroom and school community. Shadows should be independent and able to navigate within the school and community without one to one supervision. Shadows should have the cognitive ability to access grade level curriculum when given accommodations and scaffolding. Parents understand that Bayhill is a school for students with average to above average cognitive abilities who are capable of behaving and conducting themselves independently with little supervision. Bayhill is not a school for students with behavioral problems, significant social deficits, or intellectual disabilities. If you have further questions or need clarification, please call the Director of Admissions before signing up for a shadow day.
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