Made by Dyslexia Promotes Understanding of Dyslexia

There’s a great new organization started by Richard Branson and other famous and successful dyslexics, Their website states, “We’re a global charity led by successful (and famous) dyslexics. Our purpose is to help the world properly understand and support dyslexia.”

So many believe “learning disability” means that someone is cognitively impaired, when often it is just the opposite. The best way to explain the term is to give people an example “You know Richard Branson who founded Virgin Airlines? Well, he has a learning disability. He’s dyslexic.” or “You know Charles Schwab? He has a learning disabilty.” Now Made by Dyslexia gives us the perfect place to get those examples.

An alternate term to learning disabilty is “learning difference”, and it is far better at describing those with dyslexia and other, well, learning differences. What are your thoughts? How do you explain the term learning disabilty?

Please check out Made by Dyslexics and spread the word.

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