BHS Handball Team Takes 2nd Place.

Bayhill’s Handball team took 2nd Place in the Cal Cup Handball Tournament. The final game with the Sterne School was tight until Sterne pulled ahead defeating Bayhill 25-30. The BHS team completed the season with a 6-3 record. Not bad for a team’s second year in the league.

Jack Jones

Team Handball began last year at Bayhill with students learning a sport that seems a bit like ¬†basketball with goals rather than baskets. Each team consists of 7 players (6 on the field and one goalkeeper). Players try to move the ball down field by dribbling and passing, with the aim to score by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Bayhill High School Team Handball
Randi Dorn-Greer shoots goal.

Junior Randi Dorn-Greer who served most of the season as team captain said this year’s team was “very successful, because the team had a greater understanding of the game.”

Bayhill High School Handball Team
Sophomore Sam Schmitt launches a shot.

Sophomore Sam Schmitt said the teamwork seemed stronger and they had the “plays down”.

Bayhill High School Team Handball
Lucy Reardon dominates the court.

Lucy Reardon, a second season player and sophomore, commented that “the team practiced more and made a lot more goals.”

Bayhill High School Team Handball
Jesse Jasso successfully defends goal.

Senior Jesse Jasso who played on the team for the first time, felt the team “connected and gelled”. He also commented that he’d like to play in college if there’s a team.

We are very proud of our team and Coach Randall!

Bayhill High School Handball Team


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