Hear What Students Have To Say About Going To Bayhill High School

Teen plays electric guitar at alternative school for learning differently
Bayhill student plays electric guitar and sings in Bayhill’s Band Class taught by musician and multidisciplinary artist, Jason Hoopes.



Because of Bayhill, students with Learning Differences are able to get the most out of high school, graduate and transition to the post-secondary plans that make the most sense for them.

Watch the video: What Students Have To Say About Going To School At Bayhill

“Going to school at Bayhill is really awesome. It’s peaceful here and the kids are really nice.. and the teachers are really supportive.. There isn’t any stigma or shame around having a learning difference.”

Bayhill Teachers work to further the academic development of each student. They often can provide 1-on-1 attention in classes that are small enough to manage and support.

Many students have expressed that they felt seen and heard going to school at Bayhill. They learned about how they learn best, how to advocate for themselves and the accommodations they are entitled to in college and the workplace.

Students are able to access grade level material with the help of multimodal teaching techniques including hands-on experiential learning.

Beyond academics, many different kinds of teenagers feel safe here. They benefit from the small, supportive environment. It’s a community that many say feels like a family.

“Bayhill has really helped me grow I think as a person… I’ve made so many new friends and I think Bayhill is just a good environment to do that it.”

“Because of Bayhill I can succeed.”