Consider Donating to Our Annual Fund

Contributing to Bayhill High School’s annual fund ensures the continued growth of Bayhill’s mission and purpose. Our annual fund goal is to raise $60K for facilities improvement projects including a more robust broadband network and increased security for our community on campus.⁠ We’ve installed security gates around our courtyard and the church courtyard. To complete our security efforts, we need to install a new front door and camera system that allows us to keep the door locked and for office staff to buzz in guests.

Text BAYHILLGIVE to 41444 or go to

Give big.

We encourage all members of our community to contribute as much as your circumstances allow. That might be $25 or $25,000. Every dollar counts toward the security of our students and the efficacy of our program.

Doesn’t Bayhill tuition cover these costs?

Bayhill tuition covers our small class sizes and highly qualified teachers who provide invaluable experiential learning for our students who have struggled elsewhere. We strive to make our campus more secure and our program more accessible to those of lesser means. We can only do that when our community contributes to our annual fund.

How can I give?

We welcome contributions by check or credit card. To contribute by check, mail to Bayhill High School, 1940 Virginia St., Berkeley, CA. See if your company has a gift matching program to double the impact. You can also set up monthly giving. To contribute by credit card and/or to set up recurring giving: Text BAYHILLGIVE to 41444 or go to