Is Bayhill the right place for your child?

Pandemic learning loss is real. Maybe your child was already struggling before that, expressing frequently that they didn’t want to go to school or that they weren’t getting anything out of it.

For students with learning differences such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Slow Processing or Memory issues, a crowded class of 30 or more is just not going to work for them. These kinds of students often fall through the cracks at a big public school with little oversight, poor accommodations and rare, if any, 1-on-1 time.

A student may start to feel like there’s something wrong with them. Scared of failing, maybe they stop trying all together. This kind of work avoidance is very common in populations of students with LD. They don’t know where to start, how to manage their time, or feel like “What’s the point?”

So many students have come to us in this situation, with these limiting thoughts and frustrations. For the past 15 years, Bayhill has provided a community of acceptance, understanding and support that helps students with learning differences overcome their challenges, discover their strengths and begin on a pathway to success.

Teachers at Bayhill have Special Ed credentials. They know all about LD and how to teach in ways that work for their students. Faculty at Bayhill all use multimodal teaching, so that every kind of learner can access the material. We keep our school and class sizes small so that everyone can really get to know each other and students can get the 1-on-1 time they need and deserve.

Our criteria for determining whether or not Bayhill is a good fit for a family is based on whether we think an incoming student would be able to achieve their goals with the supports and services we provide.

Bayhill serves students with learning differences who are entering grades 9 – 12. Eligible students have an average to above average intelligence,  yet struggle to excel in a traditional classroom or school setting due to a learning disability or a need for a small, personalized setting.

Other students may not have a learning disability, but require a small school with personalized instruction because of  medical issues,  anxiety or depression.

Every child is different and that’s a good thing. The best way to figure out if Bayhill is right for you is to set up time to chat with our Admissions Director, Artice Jackson.

We believe that every child can learn. It’s our job as educators to figure out how we need to teach them.