Admission Forms & Due Dates

**Please note, applications are only open for enrollment in the current school year 2017-18. Applications for the 2018-19 school year will open November 1. Please do not use the forms below for next years enrollment as we are moving to a new system.

For the 2017-18 school year, we continue to have space in grades 9 and 10. We accept rolling admissions throughout the year.

Admissions Letter 2017-18

Bayhill High School Application Checklist 2017-18

Bayhill Admission Application

Release of Information Form

Financial Aid Application 2016-17

HS English Recommendation 8.13 (1)

HS Math Recommendation 8.13

HS Transcript Release 8.13

HS PrincipalCounselor Recommendation 8.13

New Families seeking placement by a school district, please read:

All new applicants are considered private pay until a district makes a formal offer of FAPE stating Bayhill High School as the school of placement. FAPE is determined through the IEP process only, and Bayhill does get involved in disagreements or petitions to districts. Thus new parents are responsible for all deposits and tuition payments specified above and in contracts issued.

Should an offer of FAPE be made at a later date, we will reimburse all deposits and tuition payments to the family once we have formally contracted with the referring district for your child.

All questions regarding the IEP process should be directed to your school district. Bayhill does not offer support or advice in the IEP process unless we have been formally and legally determined to be the school of placement for FAPE.