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Meet Ms. Satini – Science Teacher & Department Head

We’d love for you to get to know our excellent faculty and staff here at Bayhill High School. Recently I interviewed Mele Satini, Science Teacher and Department Head. What classes do you teach? Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, and health. I am the advisor for student council. How long have you been teaching? 14 years Where did […]

Learning Disabilities and Achieving High Quality Education Standards

The National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities (NJCLD) issued its recent report on the need to provide high quality education for all students, including students with learning disabilities. With new trends in education and the Common Core articulating the need for high quality education standards (HQES), the NJCLD clearly stated the need to provide students with Learning […]

Meet Mr. Dawson, Bayhill Art Instructor

We’d love for our readers to get to know our excellent faculty and staff here at Bayhill High School. Recently I interviewed, David Dawson, Bayhill Art Instructor and Facilities Manager. What classes do you teach? My classes are Art Fundamentals, Advanced Art, Studio Art I, and Studio Art II. Plus, I get to co-teach Photography and Digital […]

Teachers Are Not Allowed To Talk Here…And It Is Amazing

By Jackie Whitwill, Bayhill English Teacher and Department Chair Bayhill Junior States of America representatives attended a two-day congress with 100’s of students from Northern California.  Key Note Speaker, Bill Whittle: “Now let me explain something to you. You cannot legislate against a crisis.” 15 Year Old High School Student: “You are skilled orator, sir, […]

The Busy Life of a Teacher

There is much debate in our country about whether teachers are overpaid or underpaid. How much do they really spend working outside of the school day? I did a bit of research and found that those claiming teachers are overpaid were unable to cite credible sources. To calculate hours worked, they cited contracted hours and […]

He Just Needs to Try Harder!

He Just Needs to Try Harder! The Struggle to Understand and Develop Executive Function Skills    Justin, a copper haired, lanky 5th grader with a passion for basketball, plopped down his over-flowing backpack and made his way to the breakfast table.    “Why are you only wearing one sock?” his mother asked, her brow furrowed […]

Bring on the Audiobooks and Graphic Novels!

It’s not how you read but how much that matters. Students who read get smarter, says Anne Cunningham, author of Book Smart: How to Develop and Support Successful, Motivated Readers. “[R]eading promotes knowledge and really does make you smarter.” You don’t have to read with your eyes to reap the benefits. Listening to audiobooks exposes […]