Summer Course Descriptions

Credit Recovery

English – Students earn 5 units in either English 9, 10 or 11 depending on their needs. Students will read two novels and write a response to literature essay. Students might also complete creative projects that demonstrate understanding of text themes and other literary elements.

World History – Students earn 5 units for either semester 1 or 2 of World History. Students will learn how to examine primary and secondary sources for an understanding of historical events and their relevancy to the modern world.

Skill Development

High School Reading, Writing, & Study Skills – Students learn valuable skills for high school readiness and complete part of their summer reading requirement. Comprehension, essay writing, and executive functioning skills are addressed giving incoming freshman and new sophomores an opportunity to hone skills over the summer.

Reading, Writing, & Study Skills: Word Inquiry Method – Structured Word Inquiry is a method of studying words through a process of noticing similarity of structure and meaning. Students will learn how to use scientific inquiry methods to discover and identify morphemes (the smallest units of meaning) in words. The knowledge of the inherent predictable of English word structure improves decoding, spelling and vocabulary. Word inquiry also enhances reasoning and deductive thinking skills. Additionally, students will work on direct development of inferencing skills and apply this, and Structured Word Inquiry, to the Summer Reading Requirement. This class is more remedial in nature than the class above, but all students can benefit from deeper understanding of word structure and meaning.


Stained Glass Making – students design and cut the glass pieces, then arrange and create a stained glass project. Students must attend the full 3 week class to complete the project.

Creative Writing – Students will focus on finding their own voice as creative writers. They will look at different styles including poetry, short autobiography, and free write, among others. At the end of the summer session the class will produce a small book of original writing that they can keep. Class runs June 24 – July 19. Students must attend at least 2 weeks.

Music – Students will have the opportunity to explore different instrument including drums, keyboards, bass, and guitar. The class  will cover basic performance concepts, introductory music theory, music history and appreciation, and explore and discuss music from around the world. No prior experience necessary. Class runs June 24 – July 19. Students must attend at least 2 weeks.