I Always Knew I Could…: Bayhill High School Success Story – Nina


Nina Rosen graduated from Bayhill in 2017. She attended Mitchell College in Connecticut where she earned a 4.0 for her first year. This year, Nina transferred to the University of Maine majoring in Teaching Special Education.

Why did you decide to come to Bayhill for high school?

I didn’t want to. I had gone to Raskob for middle school and wanted something bigger than Bayhill, but it was a parent decision. Throughout the years I learned to love it. Bayhill was the right school for me.

What did you like about Bayhill?

Support, personal connections with teachers, safety in a school environment. The teachers were great. They really knew us.

Do you think you had a typical high school experience?

To certain degree we can miss things that bigger schools have. At Bayhill, we had off campus lunch, we got more attention in class. Bayhill is a healthy experience. It has sports teams, art, prom, student council. You get to do a lot.

What did you do after you graduated from Bayhill?

I was attending Mitchell college as an early childhood education major and I was asked to be an RA, be an honor student, got straight A’s, but felt it really wasn’t for me. Now I’m attending the University of Maine at Farmington for special education which will allow me to become a certified teacher.

What advice do you have for current Bayhill students?

Appreciate what happens at Bayhill. I spent enough time not wanting to be here, but when I left I wanted to come back. I built an attachment to Bayhill. Appreciate the now and where you are at.

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