Vanessa Brown

Assistant Director of School and Transition

Vanessa Brown photo

Vanessa N. Brown earned both her B.A. in Human Services and Diversity and a M.A. in Education from Holy Names University. Vanessa has extensive professional and personal experience mentoring and training families, from diverse backgrounds, to successfully navigate the education, health and/or social services systems. She has a broad range of experience in services identification, funding entitlements and empowering students and parents through self-advocacy training. Vanessa is well-connected in the DEAF Community, has developed programs for DEAF children and other children with special needs, and is one of the co-founders of the Deaf Plus Adult Community non-profit agency. Vanessa joined the Bayhill Community in 2012 and believes that when students find their individual voices, they are then equipped to make a difference in self, in others and in society.