Aubrey Ferreira

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Aubrey Ferreira began working at Bayhill in 2012 and — in addition to teaching Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Dance Fundamentals, and English classes — she has been integral in developing our outstanding Academic Support program. Striving to support the whole child, she learns about each student’s academic strengths and differences, as well as their social and emotional needs in order to guide them toward manifesting their own unique version of success. She graduated from UC Berkeley with honors, earning a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Ms. Ferreira has a background in 1-on-1 education, digital media, content marketing and is a published poet and author. Most recently, she co-authored a children’s book  encouraging young women and others with marginalized identities to follow their own hearts and imaginations, while giving them the practical tools and financial literacy they need to live their best lives. Ms. Ferreira manages Bayhill’s online presence and community.