Applying to College

California Community Colleges

There are a variety of community colleges in California, both residential and non-residential.  This portal provides a starting point to learn more about the system and to search programs at local community colleges.


Applying to a California State University

Use this site to apply to a California State University.  Applications open on October 1 and close on November 30 each year.


Applying to UC Schools

Use this link to complete applications for all UC schools.  Applications open on October 1 and close on November 30.


Applying to Private Colleges/Universities

There are over 3,000 colleges/universities in the US. Many of them use the Common Application and or the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success application. Students complete these application and can then send them to a variety of private colleges/universities. Application deadlines differ depending on the college/university and whether a students wants to apply early.


There are Other Ways to Present Yourself – It’s Not All About Test Scores!

Some schools do not require that you send official ACT/SAT scores. These schools are known as “Test Optional.” Though scores are not required, the application generally requires that students answer additional essay questions about themselves and/or upload current graded work. Here is a list of colleges that are test optional:

Here is the list of Test Optional Colleges:


Show Yourself in Pictures

Many colleges know that there is so much more to you than test scores, grades, and personal statements (sometimes known as essays). There is a growing movement that allows students the opportunity to make short visual representations of who they are and what their dreams might be.

Over 200 colleges are offering students the opportunity to create a short video about themselves that they can upload as a part of their college application. The students I know have really enjoyed making their video.

Set up a free account with ZeeMee and get started!

Here is the link: