School Profile

College Admission Profile 2012-2013


CEEB Code: 054279

Accreditation:  Bayhill High School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is a certified non-public school.

About Bayhill High School: Bayhill High School was founded as an independent high school that serves students in grades 9-12 with learning differences throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The WASC-accredited, nonpublic certified school is the only one of its kind in the East Bay.

Mission: The mission of Bayhill High School is to educate students with language-based learning differences focusing on their individual learning needs, with the goal of maximizing their inherent abilities and their potential to achieve success.  Bayhill High School has an individualized curriculum that addresses each student’s learning differences and needs and provides enrichment in their areas of strength and interest.

History: Bayhill was founded in February of 2006 by a group of educators and parents concerned about the need for a comprehensive high school in the East Bay for students with learning differences.  Bayhill’s founding was a response to the closing of the high school program at Raskob Day school, one of the oldest programs for individuals with learning differences in the United States.  Upon the closure of Raskob High School in June 2007, Bayhill provided continuity for students and faculty using research-based interventions similar to those developed by educational leaders at Raskob.  Bayhill opened its doors to students in grades 9 and 10 in 2007.  The full high school range was served in the 2008-2009 school year with the first graduating class celebrating their completion of high school in June 2009.

Students: 67 students total; Freshman 13 ; Sophomores 20 ; Juniors 13; Seniors 21

Faculty: 15; 8 full-time, including 3 full-time teaching assistants; 4 part-time faculty

Administration: 5; 3 full-time and 2 part-time positions

Leadership for College Advising:

  • Shelley Lobell, Executive Director
  • Donna Austin, Assistant Director/Director of Admissions
  • Rebecca Field, Director of College Advising

Special Services: 5; including 2 licensed psychologists, 2 educational therapists, 1 speech/language pathologist

Academic Program: At Bayhill High School students are divided into classes of about 10 students.  The program is designed to aid students in meeting the California Content Standards and Frameworks to lead to a high school diploma. Students may take courses that satisfy the “A – G” requirements (necessary for admittance into the University of California and State University systems).

Practical approaches to learning study skills, organization, time management, and self-advocacy are stressed.  In addition, all students are required to complete 60 hours of community service prior to graduating.


  • ENGLISH: 4 years (Literature and Composition in each course)
  • SOCIAL STUDIES:  World History, Culture, and Geography; US and Geography; Economics and American Government
  • MATHEMATICS:  Algebra 1; Algebra 1a/1b; Geometry; Algebra 2; Pre-Calculus
  • LABORATORY SCIENCE:  Biology; Chemistry; Physics
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGES:  Spanish I & II; American Sign Language I & II
  • VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS:  Art Fundamentals; Advanced Arts, i.e. Drawing & Painting; Drama
  • PHYSICAL FOUNDATION: PE; Strength & Conditioning
  • ELECTIVES:  Psychology; Technology; Film Studies; Health; Life Skills
  • SPECIALIZED CLASSES:  Study Strategies; Reading 1 & 2

Graduation Requirements:

  • ENGLISH: 4 years
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: World History, Culture, and Geography; US and Geography; Economics/Government
  • MATH:   3 years
  • LABORATORY SCIENCE:  2 years (two of the following three: Biology I, Chemistry, and Physics)
  • VOCATIONAL ED/COMMUNITY SERVICE: 1 year including 60 hours of Community Service
  • ELECTIVE:  1 year
  • STUDY STRATEGIES:  1 year (required for students 9th graders)

Vocational Program: The vocational program is designed for all students, those who are college-bound and those who are not.  The intent of this program is to enable students to learn the social skills needed in all jobs and assist them in developing educational and professional goals that compliment their strengths and interests.  To that end, Bayhill establishes relationships with local businesses with the goal of having all students experience employment before they graduate from high school.  Students complete 60 hours of work during their Junior year.

Extracurricular Activities Offered: Student Council, Yearbook, Football, Basketball, Cheerleading, Intramural Soccer, Cross Country, Baseball, and Soccer.

Clubs: Garage Band, Do-It-Yourself Club, Chess, Sports, Gamers, and Meditation Club.